Looking to join clan

I’ve never been in a clan and I want to play with a good team. I have some requirements met tha most clans look for I have positive k/d I’m SR 130 and I’m on almost everyday so anybody intrested? BLunTSaFiDDy is my gamer tag


xFactor is currently recruiting


Feel free to check us out and register

Epic Gaming is a brand new clan with a focus on Competitive Gaming.

Our Halo Task Force is very small and we are looking intensely for personnel to join our ranks in the Task Force.
Leadership positions are available to those who have the drive and show the initiative and loyalty to lead.

Our base requirements for joining are:

Be at least 16 years of age
Have a working microphone
Be able to access our website daily
Be able to attend practices regularly

If you can meet those requirements please visit our website at Epic-HQ.net to apply!

Happy Hunting


Hey dude, our new clan is looking for more members and we are growing at a nice rate.

We recruited 2 guys yesterday.

Have a look at our website and if you’re interested add any of the clan leaders for a “trial”.

See you online.


Impact clan is perfect for you! We are a competitive clan and always have fun! All clan members are friendly and there are no sore losers! If you’re not looking for anything serious then I recommend joining us for the fun community that you are welcome to every night.

Impact is split into 3 companies, these being Alpha, Bravo and Omega. This is so that everyone in our clan is provided with the opportunity to take part in clan battles and training. There is more information about us on our website: www.impactathalo.enjin.com - If you’re interested message me back or add me on XBL: Cuban716 or add the leader: Spuyol