Looking to join an active military clan

Hello all,

I am looking for an active military clan. I’ve been playing halo since Halo CE and first started in Halo clans back in reach. I am looking for a Halo Infinite clan new or old I don’t mind.

I have been away from infinite for about three months due to real life but wanting to come back fully now I have the time. I do work long hours depending on the week.

I have been an officer in all different groups not just on halo but I would prefer to work my way through the ranks.

I don’t mind if it’s UNSC or a PMC but I do mind if your insurrectionist. I have never really supported them and I won’t start now. I also don’t mind if you are a clan/faction from a different universe and or made up.

I’m able to change my GT if needed. I’m willing to change armour and such as well. I can adapt to any situation I am given.

I will admit I do need to brush up on PvP skills. I’m even willing to go through any type of advanced training it being SIV and or special forces (for other clans).

Thank you for reading looking forward to joining a clan.

Are you looking for a group that raids or just a clan in general. I do apologize but things have changed clan wise since I active in the “field”.

I am part of a new group, the Ninth Legion and we are looking for folks who are active and who want to contribute to the overall success of our group.

We do not do raids, though we aren’t exactly opposed to the idea either (if people are interested in standing it up).

If you would like to know mor I invite you to check out our website at The9th.xyz