Looking to Join a spartan Company

Sup guys and gals

Looking to join an active spartan company as Halos no fun to continually solo it :frowning: Im 24,Have a Halo tattoo and live in Scotland in the Uk which basically makes me awesome haha. I’ve been a Halo fan for years all the way back to Halo 1 and was a massive Halo 2/3 player, maybe played it a bit too much haha. although im a bit older than i was then and sadly cant have anymore 24 hour halo sessions haha, Unfortunately everyone i used to play Halo with has now moved on :frowning: and it sucks having to always play with randoms and no more custom games wahhhh. So basically im looking for an active group that plays pretty much anything, i think im a relatively good Halo player and play warzone/arena so if there is a space in your company hit me up =)

Hello there! I am the leader of FireTeam CrimsonRed. I would love to have you in our Company!! Come check us out!!

A sponsored Halo 5 Spartan Company!
We grind Arena & Warzone in both public lobbies as well as competitive ladders and tournaments on GB and ESL. We are actively recruiting players and communicating daily in the forums as well as on Xbox Live. Group play times are from 6pm - 12am EST.
We also have a DISCORD CHANNEL at http://discord.gg/DH7TwJy

Join alpha omicron and I can see what we can do