Looking to join a company

Hello, I don’t have a lot of friends on xbox any more, too much league of legends I’m afraid. My current goal is to get onyx in all playlists, and i’d like to have some competitive friends to play with along the way. I’m not asking for godlike players only here, but please have a good kda. Below I’ll list my ranks, please add me if you’re interested. Thanks a lot! GT: Im Sephiroth
Current ranks:
BTB: Platinum
Doubles: Platinum
Breakout: Diamond
Slayer: Diamond
Arena: Diamond
Shotty Snipers: Diamond
Snipers: Diamond
FFA: Onyx
Swat: Onyx

Join the Dark Assassins 1st i will send you an invite and you can check us out by clicking on our company name.

Sorry, going to pass on this clan

Veritech Gaming

Looking for people that are going to be able to compete at onyx level, most of your members are inactive and 40% wins with 0.6 kda… sorry

You are most welcome to join Dynasty IV

If you have not yet found a company/clan. Search up Door To Oblivion. We are recruiting. If what you see in our company/clan page interests you. You are free to join if you meet the requirements

Still looking for clan with good win rates and kda

HoW Gaming doesnt really focus on its company…but we are a helluva community. Players like Gunplex, Hypotonik, Scaryotic, Sceptify, Schlayygs, Go Alienable and more have graced our ranks. If youd like to know more DM us on twitter or HMU via XBL.

GT: Necrocyde
Twitter: @HoWGaming2015

Hmm. Sephiroth…given you are Final Fantasy Fan, like myself (mainly the Xiii - Lightning Saga) I’d be more than happy to have you aboard my team. We do everything. Fun custom game nights every Friday/ Saturday (when Forge comes out!) We play lots of Warzone (in 12 Man teams) And also play our fair share of Arena BTB, Breakout, Swat and Slayer! We do it all ! I’m looking for good personalities and people who want to kick some a** and have fun at the same time!

My 12 Man team Win Rates on Warzone
70-90% Win Rates

My Arena Win Rates aren’t the best since I unfortunately played solo for a good while. But nevertheless, we are a good team.
I also have huge YouTube Projects for the team in the near future! featuring a variety of Teamtages and Machinimas!
GT: Sencatsu
Join, Supercell