Looking to Join a Clan please respond asap

Im looking for a clan that is mostly into mlg, swat, team snipers, team slayer
if your looking for a recruit im willing to join hopefully as a corporal because my last clan disbanded <__<
im only willing to change emblem and call tag, (along with colors)
Test me out if your not sure about it

Clan Six Feet Under is looking.

Check out our site at www.6feetunder.guildlaunch.com

Or come find any of the people listed below on XBL:

Karma Frenzy(Vice President)
Crimson YuH Dig(Vice President)

Requirements: 15+, working mic, positive K/D and rank of brigadier or higher. Hit us up play some rounds with us and we will see if its a good fit for us and you.

xFactor Gaming Community was created with the sole purpose of bringing like-minded gamers together to have fun. We are mature minded gamers who just want to have FUN.
We are a relatively new clan and not a very competitive, however we currently forming a Battle Group and will enter the occasional tournament and we never turn down a clan battle and eventually have our own weekly or monthly events.

We are currently active in the Reach Community and will be making a complete switch to Halo 4, when it launches.

Aside from this we are active daily playing games with members in the USA and UK you would never be stuck with no one to play with! We also have our own Events Officer, tasked solely with creating new fun events for clan members.
One of xFactors main goals, is to become a great place for gamers to meet other players, join in on firefights, campaigns, customs and multiplayer action. There is nothing better than getting a group of 8 players together and running a Big Team Battle lobby!

Some past events we have held are:
A snipers bracket
Large hog race night
18 player Free For All night
Team Objective Night
xFactor has a fully functional website with helpful, friendly and fun forums. Here, we all have a place to talk about games, share our backgrounds, our experience, and interests, as well as teamwork and tactics. Our site will be the main hub of clan communication, once you join.

So if you think you have the xFactor Why not give our site a visit:
Or contact one of our Clan Officers on xBoxLive:

BallisticDad - OverLord (Founder & Leader)
Nym 146 - OverLord (Recruitment & Joint Leader)
PandaPrecision - Command Officer (Battle Squad Leader)

xFactor Gaming Community is the fun clan you have always wanted to join, so jump in feet first and don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

We’d love to try you out. Team Gaming: Halo is a pretty new clan, and we need some members. We’re working on recruiting heavily, and after checking your Service Record, you look perfect. Check out our recruiting thread and see what you think!
Clan TGH

If you decide not to join, let me know why- we’re always looking for ways to improve.

No tests. This is just an open invite. Check us out yourself. http://blackwaterops.net/forums/