Looking to improve and looking for others to play

Hey everyone as the title suggests im looking to try and improve at MCC mostly within reach, 3, and 2A specifically. I never really played much reach when it originally came out and since its on MCC now I thought it would be a great idea to hop into multiplayer. However I don’t have as much experience as others in this game compared to 5 for me and is also quite different obviously. So if your down to play add my Xbox gt: G0LDENMEERKAT

Hey I’ll add you tomorrow, add me gt is AVeryCoolTurtle, I need more people to play with

Hey man! You should check out the Soldiers of Liberty. Helping out our fellow members is what we do! We are not the typical Halo clan. Our main goal is just to have fun and enjoy the game. We don’t have any internal ranks and we don’t boss people around. Nor do we have any mandatory uniforms or emblems.

MG Eclipse is a clan/community that is very active and has many members who play MCC. Hmu if you are interested!

Discord: Final Boss#1776

Gamer Tag: Final Boss