Looking to help/grind for Achilles helmet!

This is so frustrating, i am in a “competitive” spartan company that have 58/62 commendations done for the helmet…but it seems that LITERALLY 3 or 5 out of 100 members actually grind for it…i grind so much to get this done but i feel we will never get there when we are only 4 COMMENDATIONS AWAY!!! SO IM ASKING FOR SOME HELP…IF ANYONE knows a good spartan company to join and that needs someone that will actually grind for the helmet pls let me know!!! im onyx in every playlist and have an champ in swat…i play for about 5-8 hrs aday since im able too due too i work from home…the spartan company needs to be just as close as the one im in now

You should be posting here.


That’s just life man… 20% will do 80% of the work and vice versa.

My company seems pretty active but i think your company might be closer currently

My company mostly works on Firefight commendations while the rest (including me) work on Arena. We have 92 members if you want to join… :slight_smile: