Looking to get with a group of people who like testing, and playing, Forge maps

New to Forge and I was wanting to play some peoples maps!! I have been working on one for a while now but im not quiet finished with it. In the mean time, Id really like to play some peoples maps with a group of people, all my halo friends dont like playing forge:(

Seves27 Gamertag

I would love to help you, my Gamertag is Cassandra 075 (hence the screen name) and I have recently become interested in the world of Forge. I lack much of the ability to create, but I like to fix, tweak, and make sure everything is balanced on a map. Maybe we can put our skills together and make a map.

My gamertag: AnNoYiiNG

I’ll gladly help anybody test their Forge maps. Unfortunately, I suck at Forge too much to have anything of my own to show yet.

Sure, I would be obliged to help you out with your forge. Maybe all 4 of us could do a co-forge.
Gamertag: Sergeant Novak

Send a Friend Request to Test Management and wi1lywonka. I’m usually playing customs. Mostly BTB and Invasion, but some 4v4 and infection.

I’ll gladly join you on your forge sessions and tests. Gamertag KUR05AKI ICHIGO. careful tho that’s a zero-five.
I do a lot of forging, but no one ever plays me on my maps. I just keep makin em. Send me a friend request. Do you know anything about halo waypoint carnage nights? I added team waypoint to my friends list, but they never accepted or went online for the carnage night. total BS, i was looking forward to it. what a suck face.

Add TheClubhouse as a friend, and you can play with us anytime. I play mostly with the guys at Xforgery.com & Forgineers.com. Those are two great sites to post your maps for others to download, and to meet up with other players to play customs and test maps.

love to my gamer tag is: snipeskater13

Let me join in on this as well! Gamertag: MagicalZero ko