Looking to get trained and join a team*onyx-champ*

As it says , id like to find some training partners . Im a skilled player , who needs help working on his positioning on maps (due to not playing with the same players all the time ) I cant really learn. Im looking for players better than me , prefferable onyx/champ. If all goes well Id like to join a team too. Id like the training to be regular for at least a decent amount of time, also the reason im asking this is , because Ive been playing solo and doing really bad , I lost motivation to become a good player.Message me on xbox , not here GT - UNIVER5AL GAMER

Im looking for the same thing. The only problem is my highest ranking is diamond in swat. Im always looking to get better. Joining a team would help I think. I like to play with coordinated people who know how to play. If me ranking diamond isnt to much of a problem, id like to be a part of this. I know most of the maps for Warzone and Arena. Know where to get the good weapons and powerups. I also have another player I play with. Hes heen Onyx before and him and I play alot.