Looking to get more out of gaming?

If you clicked on this thread then you’re in good hands. The Gaming Federation is a community which allows clans and free agents (gamers who are not in a clan) alike to communicate with one another and participate in events hosted by us such as game nights, social matchmaking, skirmishes, tournaments, clan leagues, and more!

Our community is run by a group of dedicated admins and moderators in order to ensure a quality gaming experience for all. Whether you are a competitive player, a casual player, or prefer to work as a lone wolf you’ll certainly find a place to call home within our community.

Benefits to being an active clan in our community:

  • A link to your website in our clans page as well as a brief description of your clan.
  • Increased recruitment rates for your clan.
  • An easier time setting up clan battles and skirmishes.
  • An easier time setting up alliances.
  • You are allowed to make clan based announcements within our forums.
  • Regular updates on important community news.
  • Access to our clan league system (coming soon!)

Benefits for Free Agents:

  • Access to a friendly gaming community.
  • Access to events such as game nights and social matchmaking in order to meet new people and enhance your gaming experience.
  • Access to our mercenary roster (coming soon!)
  • You can submit your forge creations to the site which once approved will be added to the game night rotation list.
  • Access to the free agent league (coming soon!)

Are you worried that this is too good to be true? Well it’s not! There is no commitment or skill level required to be a part of this community. If you are in a clan you do not need to leave it, if you are a clan leader you do not have to merge your clan with us, your clan will retain full independence. This community is not a clan and never will be!

So, if you are a clan leader interested in having your clan be marked as active within our community then message either “Odin the Fierce” or “VG STICK”.

If you are a free agent interested in becoming active within our community then please sign up on our website at www.thegamingfederation.com!