Looking to get into a clan...

I’m a lvl 39 player. Looking for something more than the usual Halo experience.

Not sure how to go about clans or what to do with them. But I’m willing to try and I’m a fairly good shot.

I’m online most days and nights.

Hello matthewdollaaah, I think that my clan can provide you with the extra-curricular activities you’re searching for.

Xe03 is a highly organized clan, divided into Squads.

Our Clan Homepage

We have a great feature set, and it’s continually growing:

  1. Weekly inter-clan and inner-clan tournaments. A tournament medal system tracks which tournaments you have competed in.

  2. Clan Achievement System, similar to Xbox Achievements, that grants “clan points” (+cp). A great way to add extra challenges to your Halo 4 experience.

  3. Squad-based Community. You are able to get into Squads, allowing you to have a group of comrades to play with regularly. These Squads compete in our Tournaments and grow together.

  4. A community forum, as a feature of the site, instead of the entire site itself.

If you are interested in joining, check out our website:


Xe03 Leader - codePython

You might want to try our clan if you want to mix up competitive and fun gametypes.

We train quite often on our custom games.

If you’re interested add me on xbl. Take a look at our webpage : http://lew157.wix.com/deadhead

We have an active roster who get along very well.