Looking to get Achilles Join Us

Send invitea to Dirty Logic
Arena, Griffball or Warzone it dosent matter what you play we are on that struggle to! We are currently looking to fill up our Company to grind to Achilles! Looking for people to play with? There is always 2 to 3 people on everyday of the week. So grab your teddy and some friends we are taking that short bus to the promise land!Shoot us a Spartan Company request anytime.Company members:

  1. Are aloud to use adult language
  2. Are aloud to play with who ever the hell they want and are not required to play with company if they don’t feel like it
  3. Are aloud to give the leaders sh*t
  4. Are aloud to be salty when they have a bad game
  5. Are encouraged to join in our streams and shoot the Sh*T with us
  6. There is no requirement to have a positive KD we don’t give a Sh*TAre you still reading this crap? Well why the hell haven’t you sent a request???