Looking To Form KOTH Team

As many of you on the forums know, on September 30th, 343i will be removing many of the playlist in Halo 4, to improve the matchmaking experience, and will allow less waiting time between matches, and find players more quickly. To replace these playlist is a return of the rotary playlist first introduced at the launch of halo 4, and the game type will change every 2 weeks.

Starting September 30th, players will be able to select King of the Hill as a playlist option again. I am going to use this opportunity to get my King of the Hill commendation mastery, as many other, are sure going to be as well. To get this though, we am going to need a team to do this quick and efficentially, since we only have two weeks. We are looking for good players, who have a mic, and can work as a team, as teamwork is going to be essential to getting this.

If you are looking to get this commendation as well, and would like to work with a team to get it, then reply on this thread, and send me a friend request and a message. Playing as a team will avoid being matched with random players and noobs, and will avoid losing games, so please if you are interested in playing as a team, reply to this thread!

i will be on each day for 5 or 6 hrs. playing koth

> i will be on each day for 5 or 6 hrs. playing koth

I think you are already on my friends list, and did the Dominion wins together as well. Just hit me up when I’m online and in sire I will come play. If I’m not playing GTA online, I’m playing Halo 4.

Bhahah Fade more recruiting count me in if I am on…

I’m not what you would call “good” more “average”-ish but I WILL NOT QUIT!

I need about 120 more wins, and I am not going to get it going into games down at least one player every time. If you need more cannon fodder, shoot me a FR.

Add me up.