Looking to form eSports Team

I am looking for an eSports team. My friend and I are willing to learn and become better than what we already are. We are looking for a team. I’m onyx in Team Slayer and Free for All and Diamond for the rest. I’m tired of having sucky teammates and no communication. My friend and I are willing to join. We are willing to learn and get better.

I’m looking for player to start playing with regularly. I am an onyx in team slayer and have been playing halo since the original. Hit me up if you’re interested in playing.

I’m looking for a team to do Gamebattles with… can’t play all the time due to school schedule, but I am on almost everyday. All I want is a team to do matches with and get better at the game together.

My gamertag is… BmooDyyy

Message me.

Hey man, my buddy and I are attempting to get a team together to grind and play competitively online with. We are laid back, competitive, type of players but we sit back after games and try to learn from our mistakes. We are looking to hit those high Onyx levels but we can’t go far with just the two of us. If you are willing to grind with us message me on XBL GT is bobbys love. We want to go over game film, strategies, etc at times to maximize our skill. I hope to hear from you soon. By the way we usually play around 9pm EST through out the night but our times can change if needed.

GT is bobbys love