Looking to form a team.

Just looking for active laid back players to start a team with by halo 4, I play competitively but I’m very sensible to other players. (I won’t trash talk to you or enemy team for messing up or losing) I am more then capable of running leadership but I would like everyone who joins to voice their opinions on subjects so everyone is happy. I don’t dictate I’d prefer watching leader grow.

Here’s a list of things I’d be ok with or am willing to talk out.

Ranking structure: I’m fine with ranking systems, development would be agreed on by the team.

Uniforms: I don’t care if we have them or not, that will be up to the team as well. As long as its descent.

Training and Meetings: I’m ok with both.

Clan game raids: Those can be fun, so yes.

Clan matches: I’m fine with them.
Here’s of list of things I won’t approve of.

Clan gamer tag changing: Is a flat No.

Discrimination: Its 2012, I think we’re all big kids now. So that’s a no

Poaching: None what so ever.

That’s about all I can say for now, message me on XBL: King K Dante
Any questions let me know as I might have missed a few things.

Check out my community/clan the “PraetoriaGuard”. We’ve been around for 8 years now and are pretty well established. We have a lot of gamers over there, and we have a competitive team as well that I’m one of the leaders of. Overall it’s just a great place, check us out.

I urge you to read here about us:


and if interested check out our website :