Looking to form a fire team?

Looking for people to form a fire team for 4v4, btb, swat, snipers, forge, etc.

Serious players needed.

Players must be willing to run through the campaign, beating their best times. (For all difficulties and added skulls)

Players must also be willing to Challenge their own fire team to improve personal skills; to teach each other these skills in order to improve the team.

New players of Halo are welcome, Some experience is preffered.

This fire team has the option to compete in gaming events. (A lot of training will be necessary in order to compete, hours will be recorded of the amount of training done, as well as stats, K/D ratio must be within acceptable numbers, as well as the number of w/l) All players who meet the mentioned criteria will then challenge each other in a free for all tournament to determine who will represent the fire team.

Anybody who joins the fire team will be asked to formulate this pledge.

“I will do my best, to serve my brothers and sisters to the best of my ability. I will do my best to protect them and others involved with them. I will watch over them as they watch over me, I will grow with them as they grow with me, I will better them as they better me. I am a spartan and will forever remain a Spartan. I (GT here) will keep this pledge. It will serve me as a part of this fire team, and outside the fire team.”

Feel free to add or message me via Xbox live. The profile is a new profile with no gamer points or achievements, but my experience fits that of an above average player.

See you in the fight.

Spartan YVm3VY