Looking To Do Co-Op

its been a long time since ive played any halo so if anyone is up for playing some co-op or even the multiplayer on either halo 3, 3 ODST, Reach or Halo 4 please add me on live “Stew Jersey”. its been some time since ive played so im probably not so good at the multiplayer matchmaking but still looking to play

You can add me, GT: Releece. Play 99% of the time MM.

Hey man,

Go ahead and add me, I’m on Halo daily. I’ve gotten really frustrated with Halo 4 MM lately, so I’ve restarted campaigns in both Reach and 3, and will even play Halo 4’s campaign.

I have one friend who plays 3 with me, so that’s 3 of us, possibly 4 for campaign
I have 2 friends (one of the same as above) who play reach, so that’s 4 of us
And I have plenty of friends who would hop to the Halo 4 campaign

We are doing these runs this week and I will be continuing them for the forseeable future. I’m considering shifting over to a 90% campaign player again and attempting to do LASO and speed runs. I may start trying to get community lobbies together or find a group, but for now, go ahead and hit me up!

@KaeKae Deathrae: I would love to do the Vidmaster (Annual) challenge with you! In 1,5 week I’ll be done with my finals.

I’m willing to play some Halo 3. Even some vidmaster stuff. My GT is Fish301.

Searching for campaign legendary team

Friends used to play Halo 3, but now all have halo 4 and either sold or lost halo 3 and or aren’t motivated enough to want to try Halo 3 on Legendary.

Anybody wanna help?