Looking to create a Team.

Hey community, I have been a long time Halo fan for more than 5 years now, and am looking to go pro (best way to describe it) and am looking to start a team of 4 players. The reason: I would like to start competing in tournaments (such as AGL and the GC’s). I am looking for really good player at this game, around the age of 15-17 to start a pro gaming team. Why now you ask, I recently just got a very good connection, as for the past 2 years, I have been left in the dark with a 1-bar connection, but not anymore. As I said I am looking for very good players, in the playlist infinity slayer, as that’s what were aiming to go pro in. Don’t let my stats fool you, as those were caused by the 1 bar connection, and even for having a 1 bar connection, I held up pretty good. If you are interested in joining, just reply in this thread (I actually have a small clan called the Fade, and it was just for fun, but I would consider you as a part of the Fade Gaming team, also our team name would be Fade gaming).

On another note, I am looking for a temporary team of 6 people, to play dominion with. This team will not be associated with the “Pro” team whatsoever, but I am looking for 6 people, who are good at dominion, to form a temporary team. Why: I am trying get my dominion mastery commendation, but I need 100 more wins to get it, unfortunately it is hard to win when you always get paired with bad players. I always end up near the top of the lobby (if not the top) so my skill is fine, I just need another 5 who have the same skill and are looking to achieve the same commendation.

If you want to join one of my team (or both) just reply in this thread below. Thanks!

Hey Fade, Message me when your online. And well talk about getting a team together.