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Hey Everyone,

I am Phil aka “Riot”. I am a long-time Halo esports fan and competitor spectating and competing since 2006. My most notable experiences have been with a placement in the top 40 at MLG Columbus in 2010 for H3 then I moved on to coaching for Halo 5 where I coached Render eSports at UGC St. Louis 2016 where we finished 13th. Halo esports is in my blood and I want to help a team reach their top potential as Infinite kicks off a new era of Halo esports.

I have currently soloed to Onyx in Infinites ranked playlist. Also, I must state that I will be unable to attend Raleigh as I graduate with my Ph.D. that weekend.

Other than that, great gaming everyone and lets give infinite the push the be back in the spotlight for esports.

Gamertag: Riot PhD

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Good luck finding a team! If I wasn’t military, I’d be looking to build one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey man, my org is looking for a coach right now as we get more serious about retaining a team. You have a Twitter, Discord actually would be better? Reach out to me Shawn#2189

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Friend request was sent through discord. I look forward to discussing things further.


Hey sorry, I realized I had my settings for people to add me disabled but I also messaged you over Xbox. Let me know your Discord or if you can join this server https://discord.gg/TIERONE and we can go from there sharing a mutual server.

Hi my name is Emmanuel Betancourt my gamer tag is Xl HERO3K Xl . It’s stands for Heroic I’m currently a onyx 1668 I have no team but trying to put together something special Im willing to give 100% everyday super open minded and also would just like to pick ur brain on certain experiences u have acquired. I play claw grip Nd play solo a lot never played with anyone on a team. Message my gtag if u wanna build something. Congrats on ur PhD its not sprint it’s marathon Nd I would do anything to one day be a national champion. But I kno everyone wants things but aren’t willing to put the work to get there.


where you from brother?

Ive also just played halo solo and just recently started thinking about going competitive. Now I haven’t played much since the beta dropped. I just get frustrated over people that are playing ranked that just dont play objective or just dont play good lol.

Now I have a long experience with Halo never played competitive or with a team in any other halo.

And after trying Halo Infinite I was like YES this is the halo I wanna see how far I can get.

Also looking for people to tag along with on the travel :slight_smile:

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