Looking to build new clan, members wanted.

Right Flank ( RxF ) was a clan my brother and I created back in the primary Halo 2 days. We gained 100+ members and even formed a sister clan, Left Flank ( LxF ) while competing in amateur tournaments both at events and online. When the Xbox 360 released and Halo 3 jumped consoles however, the clan was retired as it was difficult for everyone at the time to move on while our lives became more busy. Recently though, I’ve decided to bring it back for a more social but still friendly competitive environment for players, especially new, to find friends to play with. RxF is new again, with myself as the founder and two others as members. As we grow, organization might be an option but that’s down the road.

If you’re looking to laugh, play with others, get some help, or just simply play, join RxF.
Contact Information & Stats

GT: Tiickle Me Emo
Email: TiickleMeEmo@yahoo.com

Kills - 2,929
Deaths - 1,602
K/D 1.8
Campaigns all Legendary.

I’m interested, but I won’t really be able to play until the weekend. I’m pretty busy this week.

Try posting in the Recruiting section.