Looking to be recruited

My name is Scorcho101 and I am looking to be in a clan. I have been in a couple clans before and am a team player, I always look out for my team. My SR is 96 and I just want to become a better halo player, have fun, and make some more friends in the process.

hey buddy, You should check us out Agnus Dei we are always looking for players who want to better themselves and love the game!

Here at Deference for Darkness. We accept every one so you and some friends can come join if ya like. All we ask is you have a mic, be an active player, and are willing to cooperate. If ya want to join message me or check out the company its self. Bistre jaeger

CSSN Sacred Solitude is actively recruiting now!
1). To join the Combined States of Sanghelios, you must reach the following requirements:

  • Be twelve years old and above (exceptions can be made). - Be prepared to take orders. - Behave in a mature way and follow laws. - Play as a Sangheili.(For the Halo Reach Fleet)2). Send someone on the Chain of Command list a message requesting to join. Their gamertags are listed for ease.
    Supreme Commander - Sada Vahroee
  • Vespa Mortim
    ​3). Wait for a message and do what it tells you to.

Website- http://cssempire.weebly.com/

Hey there! Check us out at Aereus Prime! We’d be happy to have you.