Looking players to do LASO campaign

I’m looking players to do halo 4 campaign Legendary All Skulls On.If you are interested send me msg. GT: K0RPIS0TURI

I have literally got the last 3 knights on midnight to do then I have done it on mythic… Try using RC Master’s guides on youtube he is an amazing speedrunner along with Naked Halo they both know all the tips and tricks needed to do it its taken me 4 days but I have pretty much done it…

I need help I could join you if you want to do Infinity of Midnight! Those are the only two I have to do. But im not gonna torture myself doing all the other ones. Gt: GEEstreet94

I’d help but unless u have a 2 day trial I can’t help you.

I’m available, but what could my meager contribution possibly do?

I only do these levels: Infinity, Reclaimer, Shutdown, Composer, Midnight (absolutely suck with the Broadsword run)

Dawn’s boring, Requiem’s long, Forerunner’s bland.

We are going to do all missions.

send me an invite