Looking forward to use

Which weapon have you got that your saving that your looking forward to use?
I’ve only one POOL OF RADIANCE so have not used it yet but will be great to clear enemy camping at their base.

The weapon I’d like is the PROPHETS’ BANE.
Took one off an enemy and loved it!

What weapon have you got and yet to use and what weapon would you like ?

The Blood of Suban is amazing. My favorite gun used to be The Answer, but I think it’s been replaced.

I have a Whispered Truth but I’m scared to use it.

Bayonet AR in machinma mode. The story telling someone will be endless.

I have 1 SPNKR that im holding onto until I get another one.

I love the second plasma caster than fires two bolts per shot.
I’d kill for one that had a larger clip and Tons of ammo.

I just unlocked the SPNKR Prime and the Oni Mantis and have tried both once. They are truely awesome to use. I got my highest ever killstreak with the oni mantis, while the SPNKR Prime was very fun to use and deadly. I’m really looking forward to using these reqs once again, but I will save them for games where I know I won’t get killed after 15 seconds.

As for weapons I would love to have prophets bane! And the phaeton of course!

I’m a huge fan of Hailstorm and Whiplash. I tried the Hailstorm one day out of boredom and managed to clear out an entire armory with it. I’m not one to throw around the OP card, but the Hailstorm just might be that.

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> I have a Whispered Truth but I’m scared to use it.

Just recently picked it up, used it once and loved it! It’s awesome for the second round of Warzone Assault games, hope to get a chance at it again soon.

Overall, I just hope for more and more Nornfangs. That thing is awesome and I keep running out.