Looking/forming a group of gamers

As the title says I am looking to join or form a group of gamers (Not a clan). This group will span across multiple games (Not just Halo) and be a friendly group who will play every day (or every other day) on Xbox Live.

A little about myself:

  • I am an Xbox Ambassador and Xbox United Enforcement (This is an official group run by Microsoft)- I have been a Division Leader in KSI, General in XGC, and helped a friend start his own clan.- I play a variety of different games as you can see from my gamerscore on Xbox Live.- As of right now my schedule is pretty open except for when I work on Saturday + Sunday which is usually very early in the day.- I have been on Xbox Live since Halo 2 came out so I’ve dealt with a variety of different people. If I don’t like you then you won’t get in/I won’t join you.What I am looking for:
  • You have at least a couple games that I have (that the group will have) which will be - MCC, CoD: AW, GTA 5, and Minecraft Or you are getting - Halo 5, Black Ops 3, Elder Scrolls Online, or Star Wars Battlefront.- You are a friendly person overall which means no racial slurs and no starting fights with randoms.- You are from the East, Central, or Mountain Timezones (May be from others but I don’t want someone getting online when we are getting offline.)- You are ACTIVE - You get online once a day or every other day to play some games.Feel free to respond to this thread or message me on Xbox Live.
    GT: Zeruca

I already have 4 people and we are looking to get to 8-10 people before we stop recruiting.

Updated games and still looking for a few more.