Looking for voice actors for a halo machinima

I have 4 main roles open at the moment, one male, one female and two elites. I also have several minor roles that need voicing as well.

If you’re interested email me using Wolfboy702@hotmail.com and I’ll send you more details.

Since waypoint wont let me post a new thread guess I’ll just have to bump this one.

Hey man I know you mentioned what characters, but what kind of style voices you after?

These are the profiles of the main characters available, along with quotes for each so you can try out different voices.

> Craig: A carefree ODST who focuses on living in the moment. He acts as the squads technician and heavy weapon specialist simultaneously.
> His view on most things is very laid back, though he become very aggressive when his friends are in immediate danger.
> Voice: Roughly but very casual. Like dutch from ODST but deeper.
> Quotes: (Slight disappointment) Aw man, they had to blow up the tank.
> (Sarcastic) Sure, lets head towards the glowing red piss beam of death.
> (Spitefully) I wouldn’t expect you to understand anyway.

> Olivia: An ONI AI who somehow survived the covenants initial attack on the planet, she provides tactical support for the ODSTs, as well as the occasional witty comment. She has a very strong sense of humour for an AI as well as the unusual tendency to question her superiors.
> Voice: Informative with no distinguishable accent. Not unlike Serena from Halo wars.
> Quotes: (Urgently) Now might be a good time to start shooting!
> (Remorseful, softly) It’s been nice meeting you captain, guess I’ll see you in hell.
> (Informatively) According to my records, this structure predates Neolithic man by at least 100,000 years.

> Esad Arcomee (Elite): Once a Spec ops officer, he found information on the halo array during an operation and was branded a heretic by the hierarchs when he presented his findings. He then fled high charity along with a significant number of his warriors. He sees war as something necessary for survival, not something to be honoured and revered. This does not stop him from being very determined to exact justice on those who deserve it however.
> Voice: Very resonant and harmonic with a light underlying growl, like Rtas/Shipmaster from halo 2 & 3.
> Quotes: (Valiantly, rising intesification) The time has come my brothers. Today we exact revenge on those who cast us from our home. Today we bring justice to those who enslaved our covenant for their own selfish needs. (Shouted)Today, we set our people free!
> (Immense sorrow/regret) Then there is nothing more to be said, I take my leave.
> (Intimidating, softly aggressive) You dare intimidate me human.

> Rume (Elite): One of Esad’s lieutenants. He is surprisingly laid back for an elite but very witty and thinks well on his feet.
> He has witness the treachery of the prophets first-hand and has no reason to question Esad’s leadership.
> Voice: Gruff, sharp and quick-spoken. Like the elites from halo reach
> Quotes: (inviting, cheery) Humans! Welcome to our humble base!
> (Assertively/commanding) You there, cover the left flank in case Adar sends reinforcements.
> (Concern/worry) Esad, can you hear me? Respond if you are there!

Voicing elites requires some very specific voice sets. Sadly it’s not something I have - however …

Do you have a location we could send voice clips?

Send voice clips to my email address: Wolfboy702@hotmail.com

The lines for ‘Craig’ - I’ll send those over to your email this evening.

I tend to try to make things sound as casual as possible. I hate it when things sound 100% scripted and uptight. Hopefully you’ll find it refreshing.

Hey, can I join in on this? I have all my equipment set up all ready XD

Hey you asked me to try out for the character Olivia. I sent u am email last night =)

> The lines for ‘Craig’ - I’ll send those over to your email this evening.

I haven’t got any lines yet, did you send them to the right e-mail address?

I got your lines speedyandrose. I’ll send you an e-mail asap.