Looking for Vidmaster help?

When I was scrolling through my Halo achievements the other day I noticed I was missing some Vidmasters. It’s always been a dream of mine to collect them all, so I gathered a crew and created a group on facebook. At first all I wanted was to get help from some close friends to achieve this, but a new goal has awoken. My hopes are no longer that solely I shall benefit from this covenant, but that as many as possibly shall. Let us unite, us few remaining still dreaming of conquering the Halo Vidmasters. Welcome & good luck.

  • Filip

Add me if you want to do some.

I’d love to add you to the group! But I don’t see how that would work out, I don’t even know your name. Wouldn’t it just be easier if you followed the link & sent a request for joining?

ya hit me up my GT is Gravy Spin