Looking For Very Skilled Halo Players

Looking for players/ or a team that are/is very experienced. I would Definitely want to do GB’s and make a top page team.
I have 50’s in every playlist
I’m from Chicago …I would like to attend events as well
I am getting LE on release day
Online all day if needed

Headset is a must. I use Triton Warheads 7.1

Feel free to add me or post with details

GT: Reserved

P.S: No newcomers please. Experienced only.

Yo dude. I just did a similar post. im looking to find experienced players as well. ive played every halo. and reach has not left my xbox drive in since launch night. and the disk that was in before that was the ODST H3 MP disk. im very serious about halo 4 and will def be on at least 5 days/nights a week.
Gt: Dooooooooooood (12 o’s)
I also have a FL pack of Halo ppl (as im sure you do)
So add me mayne!!

Sounds good man ^

Do you still play Halo 3 by any chance?

Well unfortunately my xbox RROD a couple months ago. I had that console since launch and thought i’d be a good time to upgrade to the slim halo edition. so i have to wait til launch to play like i usually would. but ive been going to my buddy’s house to play in the mean time. i havnt played h3 in a while so im prob not as good as i am at reach. but i could bring h3 over there.

Cool, Send me a request if you get manage to get online


Please only add me if you are experienced in competitive gaming. Thanks

I’m 23 and have played all of the halo’s also, i’m very competitive and I have a lot of experience. Add me if you would like.