Looking for two players as bad as I am!

Hey lads! So, I’m a player who has played Halo for years now, and I still suck :roll_eyes:

Looking for two players who are as bad as my friend and I. The plan is to get better together! Join Fireteam Heretic if you suck and wanna get better!

Don’t worry about raging btw, it happens to the best of us lol

I am also looking for players that are around the same level as me. How do I join?

Are you on xbox w/ controller?

Define “As bad as you are”. My skill level is wildly inconsistent. I’ll go from dominating a match one day to having the reflexes of a drugged sloth another day. I usually play the objective in either case, though.

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Yeah, we’re the same. Although I will say, my aim personally is really shoddy on Infinite, not 100% sure about my friend but he’s a little bit better than I am. And yeah, we play objective too.

Sorry for no reply, been busy : )

all good. You still looking for teammates?

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Yeah we are at the moment

Still looking for people I play quite often and need people around the same skill level as well. Gt frybread1313 I play on Xbox.

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Relating to your post, NVII is looking for players to join our social/competitive community, DM me if any of you are interested

We do custom game and social/ranked pvp

Diacord: silverjack97#4739

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