Looking for three Players.

Hello, Robinson41 here. I am looking for three players to play some Team Slayer/MLG. There are no huge requirements but players must be fairly skillful and have a desire to win. No mic is needed. If you are interested or you would like any other information, feel free to message me.

GT: Robinson41.

I’m looking for 3 players to play TS/SWAT/MLG with me. I’m looking for players that have good map and call out knowledge and are competitive with a desire to win. I’d like to play some games with you but I’m focused on some higher level gaemplay, eg Call outs that require a mic.

Primary: Macatron (been playing since '11
Secondary: nota3account (played for one hour, 100BPR, 83/17 W/L, 1.91 KD)