Looking for three forgers for two map packs.

Must know how to scale, critique, conceptualize, and critically think about all aspects and functions within the game. I have two decently sized ideas already planned to start on once forge drops. I would like to fond people to co-forge with, as well as build separately, but under the name of the team.

Please be competent, but not narcissistic. Be able to take critiques, and suggestions as they are. Also be able to think for yourself. I would like to get at least one person that specializes in one or more of the following.

Design & Scaling
Details & Appearance
Scripting & Spawns
Functionality & Fluidity

I usually play after 8pm cst on my days off, and all day on my days on. If interested in helping message my GT: FF Gingervitus

You should check out Forge.World . There are a lot of forgers on our forum and you should be able to find people to test your maps or possibly even forge with you. Someone actually just posted looking for a forge team today.

We also have a forum that you can post your maps. We have a lobby system where you can find people playing the game, and we will have test nights when forge is released.

Thanks I’ll check it

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> Thanks I’ll check it

Thanks. We are always looking for more Forgers, and people who like custom games.