Looking for teams/clans whatever

Good day,
So yeah, now that I’m back on consoles (after a 4 year break) I don’t have many friends playing. So it would be great to play with people with mics, and somewhat mature.
I do like the good ole days of halo 3 custom game nights, and ranks ect… Those were good ole times.

Also I would be looking for a team for competitive gaming. I used to play in many lan parties in halo 3, and i still remember most call outs, and spawns on h3 maps.

Apart from that im from quebec, canada, I speak both french and english.

just send me a PM or reply to the post ^^

I’ll shoot u a FR when i get on. Also if your interested in a clan check out http://www.reapersociety.net/home Were a new clan and don’t have a lot of halo players but if your interested check it out

GT: Zeruca

Hey there a friend and I are in the works of setting up a multiplayer based clan. We are restricted to halo 4 for now but that will change!
We are called IR (I’ll edit here what that means I forgot)
The only requirements are a mic and colour change as well as emblem and ST.
There is a rank system but it’s only for organising custom games.
No gammertag change required uness you want to, in which case you can do anything with armour colours.
If you want more info message me on here and I’ll help as much as I can!

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