Looking for teammates for commendations

Just looking for more people to play matchmaking with because I’ve been running solo since Halo 4’s release date and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to be successful as a lone wolf. I’m trying to max out weapon commendations so I can go back to using precision weapons so my K/D doesn’t suffer more than it already has by trying to master the autos, boltshot and plasma pistol.

Anyone who wants to, just add me. I’m willing to play any playlist except action sack, snipers & SWAT at this point

Add me dude HT GDM :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I’m a member of Midland Base, and we’re a casual Halo gaming community (also soon to support Destiny) that revolves around having fun and enjoying the game the way it was meant to be played. All of our members are highly respectful of each other (trash talking, among other forms of disrespect are grounds for a ban), and we’re home to both skilled players as well as less skilled players (including one member who has mastered all weapons). We have our own forums, and gamenight four times a week over three days (Friday-Sunday, with classic Saturdays usually being on Reach, but sometimes on Halo 3). We don’t require any change of armor, gamertag, or emblem (although many of us choose to use the same emblem), and don’t have any kind of “training camp” or mandatory play time. Our only requirement as far as activity is concerned is that each member makes 8 posts per month on our forums to indicate that they are still active.

If this sounds good to you, check out at Midlandbase.com, or submit at application at Midlandbase.net. Thanks.