Looking for teamates

Looking for a group of peeps who are not concerned about rank or skill, instead I’m looking for peeps who enjoy a couple drinks before a match-you know all in good fun. I used to play halo religiously every weekend back in the halo 3 and 4 days but have since taken a break since my old online buddies abandoned good online multiplayer fun for wives and kids an shyt…gross lol jk hey that’s life but seriously I’m like the outcast now with no wife who still has an xbox and is desperately trying to have that good ol’ days fun playing swat btb etc.

Hey I have kids and a wife and I feel the same way about multiplayer as you. I still play halo 3 on the MCC and care more for the fun aspect.

Hey SLoBRoDTP and VVolfy, similar boat. I’m not on as much as I’d like, and some of the guys I used to play with aren’t interested in Halo anymore. I’ll play anything from MCC as well as Halo 5. Definitely add my Gamertag and I’m up for playing casual when I jump on. If you guys are interested in jumping into my crews casual clan and letting your kills work towards Achilles, I’d happily add you both (again, no pressure to join/play/grind for anything) just looking for casual friends to play with when available.