Looking For Team

Looking for a team to grind Team Arena with, I was an Onyx level player in season 1 and just came back to the game just got my placing and I placed D5. So I am asking anyone wanting to play be at least Diamond. Looking forward to next season for the HCS, looking for players to possibly grow as a team and compete. Also would prefer if you were 18+, but am willing to compromise.

Would you like to join my Fireteam, it’s small and fairly new, but we need people joining and we would really enjoy your expertise on Halo.

Best of the best, we are in Aspen for main team atm but have 30+ active for arena… We have diamond up to most of us are already onyx and a lot of champions.

Gods of Arena

If age is your concern, my friends and I are in our early to mid twenties. We play daily, and are down for anything. Let me know, if you’re interested!

just add me if yall want to play, played with a couple new people today