Looking for team

Hey guys im new to Xbox and this is the first halo game I have played. This season I am ranked onyx for Ffa but I’m looking for people to play with on a consistent basis in team arena. For August I started out platinum 5 but because of teammates quiting or just going for slays on objective game modes I have dropped to platinum 1. I live on the west coast and play mainly at night and usually play the objective/support type. I’m looking for people who are willing to grind it out every season and maybe even compete in the open curcuit if we work well together. Regardless I just need people to play with so message me on Xbox live at The Yung Guac and we can run games together thanks.

I’m down for some games.

Gt: RocketRaccoon90

Add Kerisma SF

Add me and I’ll play need to play I with others