Looking for team.

currently looking for a team (not company) who play daily and need another teammate. I can handle Onyx level of play and willing to be a team player. I communicate and can play all roles that are needed. Tired of going solo and getting quitters, people who can’t hang and no mics. Add me “Metaethics”

GT May Hamn
im in the same boat as you, love to play but no one playes H5 on my list

What country you two in? Me and about 6 or so friends play every evening in UK and would like to find some more players to make a full warzone team and custom games matches.

Let me know if anyone’s interested!

Add me you 3! I’m looking for a team! My gt is my username

US west coat
Active 930-1200 pm

Do you want to play with a strong team on Halo? We have positions available in both combat and intelligence roles. To learn more visit us on YouTube at SASGamingClan, our site at thespecialairservice@weebly.com, or message me on Xbox. -PFC BROWN