Looking for team to compete (EU)

Lookng for a to4 to compete in the EU. Been playing halo since Halo 2 but moved over to cod in 2013. Stopped playing this week but still want to compete so i thought i’d move back over to Halo. If i can get the right team together i know we’d have some success. Most teams ive played on have had a lot of success but never to the point where we go to a LAN. Theres always been an issue with at least one player which has held us back.

So if you’re competing atm and need a strong player hmu my Gamertags are: Unique C7 and C7vn
My twitter is @w0tConnor

Once you get a team togehter we should scrimmage some time.

GT: paradlse (that’s an “L” between the “d” and the “s”)