Looking for team mates

Friends aren’t always on to play when I’m on. I’d like to get a few more friends that are down to play ranked. Just a few things I look for

  • the goal is to have fun, a sweaty match even in a loss can still be fun. So no one who’s screaming insult into the mic constantly. Getting pissed off or tilted happens now and then, as long as you can shake it off

  • USA players. I’m In California

  • have a mic and do basic call outs.

  • preferably upper daimond + skill level. Platinum that can hang with higher players is fine. Understandable that sometimes we just can’t win do to playing with randoms, so you’re most likely at a higher skill level than your rank

  • no crazy ego

  • at least in your 20s. Older peeps definitely welcome. I’m 36

  • just chill peeps. I got a discord with homies in it, and every cool person we play with gets into it and we all play together. Small tight knit group of people who never even used discord before they met me. Been playing together since h5.

Msg me on xbox or here. Gt is Pheinted.

Let’s have some fun and get better together