Looking for team-mates

Too sick to do anything for New Years Eve, so I thought I’d try to put together a decent team for tonight. Here’s a few things I’m looking for:

  1. Gotta use a mic, I’m friendly lol.
  2. Gotta have a decent KDA. Pretty sure the one on your service record lies, but who cares (mine says 9).
  3. Have the desire to win, but not so much that you’re not having fun.

My gamertag is Biochemi987, feel free to hit me up.

add me xxf0dxelementxx

0 = zero

GT: RNB Phantom
Add me and i’ll add you. Pretty sure i cant play tonight though lol.

Add me. GT Kakushi Senshi. I vow not to play with randoms after what I’ve been through.

I’ll leave my card here just in case.
GT: Bleach McKola

Had some party issues, trying to hit you guys up now

Still looking for a 4th

We lost a man, looking for another. Hit me up

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> We lost a man, looking for another. Hit me up


Feel free to add me. i really need a decent team.

I’m up for games when I’m online. add me and ping me if you see me online.