Looking for Structured clan

I am Looking for a clan that is structured. I am 16 and have experience in leading clans. I have a Mic and access to a computer. I play every gametype and have all the maps. Message DRA Envy. Im on a Competitive BTB Team in Reach that is why I have DRA, therefore I know what it takes to win. I can snipe, use a wraith, mantis, and control power weapons. What ever you want me to do I will do it.

http://www.defiancehalo4clan.com/ message me if your interested in joining

Says your Gamertag doesn’t exist even though I can look at your service record… O.o
The invisible man.

You should check out FCwars.net (and join the BLUE side). If you want a chance to have actual competitive game nights, WEEKLY, then you won’t find another community more consistent than FC.

My community, the ChV, is a small and personal clan. We focus on teamwork, tactics and making the most out of the game. We play all halo games.
We are all mature members, and you won’t have to sign up on some weirdass site in order to join us :wink:

Take a look at our 3 minute long commercial. Please watch through the entire thing, you won’t regret it.

<<<<<The CHV>>>>>

Let me know if this sounds interesting to you.

~Glacier, Leader of ChV.

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Come check our website and enlist on our forums! You won’t regret it.

hey man, if your interested in joining cool, funny, and competitive clan you can join “the reclaimers of ascendance.” We are just a bunch of regular guys with a common love of halo and would really enjoy some new recruits. we play daily and sad-fully dont have alot of payers (probably only 12-15) wich is why we would welcome some new comers. my GT is pimpsqueak97 and just message me if your interested in joining or if you dont want to join we just play halo if you preferred. thanks again!

i also forgot to tell you about the clan site:theroaclan.weebly.com, it explains everything about the clan from rules and regulations, to members and the different ranks!