Looking for Spartans to fill our leadership roles.

Capture Core Gaming
Hello to the Halo Community! We are Capture Core Gaming. A social, competitive, fun, and very committed Spartan Company. My name is Too Crush. I am the Captain of the Forge department, as well as the raid department. We are looking for a special group of spartan’s, who are committed, highly skilled, and very Experienced in the Halo saga. Here at CCG, we do everything in our power to create the best experience for fellow Halo players. These leadership roles are only for the up most dedicated players as we are not currently looking for a bunch of dead weight. The position you will be trying out for is a Lieutenant. As a Lt, you will be the right hand man of the Captains. Almost like partners, only the cap’s make the final say. You and the captain will be working together on several projects spanning the entire Halo community depending on your position. It is a respected role in our Company and is only granted to the players who are truly in it for the best interest for the CCG as a whole.
The following positions are open for consideration.

  • Community Outreach - Forge - Recruiting - Warzone - Team Mythic (MLG/PLG) - Other Leadership Roles if neededIf there are any questions feel free to contact me on xbox at : (Too Crush)
    When offline, Email: <mark>email removed by moderator, please don’t post personal information</mark>