Looking For Spartan Ops Teamates

One man spartan IV team feels wrong GT: Doubie A

If you’re playing on Legendary from start to finish, count me in. Gamertag: EMFULZ

I’ll join just for the heck of it. :slight_smile: GT KSI DidacticJ

Currently playing solo through MCC Spartan Ops on Legendary.

If you want another Spartan, send me an invite. I’m usually on around 7 p.m. central for an hour or so.

I typically carry a DMR and Plasma Pistol, and love to hijack a Wraith whenever possible.

I would like to GT:kobechaz13

Hey DoubIe A, if you have a Facebook account, you should check out the community I own, called Halo 3 Lives On! With over 1,250 members, I’m sure you’ll find at least a few gamers to run Spartan Ops with. Here is the url for quick access: facebook.com/groups/needz.moar.h3

Best of luck,