Looking for Spartan IV Fireteam Members

The United Nations Organization’s military the UNSC is currently looking for members to be apart of our Spartan IV Fireteams Apollo and Crimson! We recommend you have the Apollo and Crimson emblems but if not that is fine we will fine something for you! Sign up quick as these spots will be limited to about 5-6 people per Fireteam. By signing up you don’t just join a family of people who love Halo and Halo Clans but a skilled training program. Contact info, website link, and more information is provided below!

Contact info (Preferably through XBL Messages):
johnson92562 - Secretary General
Spartan 096 II - Head of Military Operations

Website: www.unitednationsorganization.weebly.com

Description of the U.N.O.
The U.N.O is an organization of clans that agree to influence better behavior in the community and to have a “beacon of hope” for the smaller clans by providing advice and services to them. In general we strive to make a better looking and functioning community. We have a mixed diversity of clans ranging from Mandalorian clans to Galactic Republic based clans.

Description of the U.N.S.C. (The U.N.O.'s Military Force)

What’s the U.N.O.'s Military?
The U.N.O.'s Military is the U.N.O.’s defensive and or offensive military force. The official name of the U.N.O. Military is the U.N.S.C., but is also referred to as the U.N.O. Military These comprise of volunteers from other clans or those recruited to the U.N.S.C. Branches within the U.N.S.C. include the Marine Corps, O.D.S.T.'s, Spartans and the elite Navy S.C.A.R. Teams (Space Combat Air Recon).
Role of the Military
The role of the U.N.S.C. is too provide a functional combined military force for the U.N.O… They guard all U.N.O. related events such as meetings, seminars, and training operations.
When will the Military be used?
The Military will be used only in situations voted in by the U.N.O. Council. These usually only include going to war but we also do offer 3rd party services to those who request them. For example clan A asks us to guard meetings as a 3rd party when meeting with clan B about ROE, surrendering, etc, but before that we do reach out to the other clan to see if they are OK with this if not we must kindly decline as it would only escalate the situation.
Operations in U.N.O. Council meetings
The U.N.S.C. will be the Security force at all U.N.O. meetings.
Operations in Wars
The U.N.S.C. will defend and attack in the name of the U.N.O. as well as all clans in the U.N.O. Council.