Looking for Spartan Company

I am looking to join a spartan company. I am an American living in Germany. I try to play everyday, and get some good sessions in on the weekend. I am a serviceable Halo player, positive K/D, I prefer Slayer/Arena. I like to win, but am not crazy competitive. Just a simple man, tired of the solo grind.

Interested in joining our clan we will gladly accept you if so hmu or the other leader DF 0VERL0RD which is me or Pv cat hunter that’s our gamer tags.

You sound like the perfect type of player to join my brand new clan “LairdCorp”

We are casual and competitive and always enjoy working as a team.

message me for details, my gamertag is King Jom Jom :slight_smile:

See you star side

Join Lords of Admirals. We are both competitive and casual and doesn’t really matter. We play all gametypes and try to be online when ever