Looking for something real?

Comrade Gaming is a brand new gaming community looking for fellow Halo: MCC players to join! We a 2-week old community, with already 40+ members actively playing throughout the week! We focus mainly in Halo: MCC, but other members in the community dabble and play together in other games as well. We enjoy all aspects of MCC, and play it all, from campaigns to customs nights, and are heavy primarily in Big Team Battle. You can check us out at http://comradegaming.net/ if you’re interested in us, or feel free to add me (C0L0MBIANSK8ER, 0=Zeros), or SUPMACBROMAN if you ever want to play with and want to know more about Comrade Gaming and what it has to offer. Look forward to seeing some new faces!


Comrade Gaming is also proud to announce that we will be holding a Free For All Tournament this upcoming Monday/Tuesday night at 8:00 est! The tournament is free to anyone, including those not affiliated with Comrade Gaming, and gives a great opportunity to those players to meet our members and get a feel of what we are all about here at Comrade Gaming! If interested, feel free to add myself or SUPMACBROMAN for more information!

Is your clan willing to clan battle the Epsilon Fleet? We are looking forward to having some clan battles to promote activity and such. If you were curious about our clan we have a website at EpsilonFleet.com! Just send me a message on Xbox Live (Darth Baum) and we can get one organized anytime that is convenient for you

Hey, Darth! I Believe SUPMAC already contacted you about this. I am pretty sure this is something we’d be interested in, depending on everyone’s availability. If he hasn’t contacted you at all, feel free to send me a message on XBL,