Looking for some Team Arena Players....

Hi there,

I’m Sam and live in the UK I’ve been playing since halo2 and would like to set up a group of players that enjoy team arena. I’ve started a group called Midship Raiders and would like to invite anybody who is interested in some games. Give us a shout on the game, ‘inkpot blue’ or on here and hopefully we can win some.


join us if you want some players

Clan Name: HaloForce
Established: 14th April 2009
Point of Contact: JackOfDiamonds6(Fin; Leader) or XxZachAtt4ckxX(Zach; Co-Leader)Mission: We are here to keep Halo alive, and this clan is for those who still actively play Halo. We play both Halo 5 and MCC, and we don’ mind whatever your KDA is, we just want to play Halo.If you want anymore information message me on xbox (I’m leader)We are on almost all of the time, so just message for an invite and we will invite you.Thanks for reading,
Fin (Jack0fDiamonds6)