Looking for some players

Not many of my friends have an Xbox one yet and arent playing the MCC. I am lone wolfing it in Halo 2 Anniversary and its not the best idea in the world since the game does require good map call outs. i do have some requirements however.

1: Must have a mic Callouts are you know important. I try to do them when i am in a game and mostly my teammates dont have a mic or dont talk back. I just got the Astros A40’s and can hear and talk pretty clearly.

2: T****ry being mature I am 28 and while i love joking around and pop a ton of jokes here and there, I try to play maturely and not betray team mates or just get up and leave the game in the middle of a match or just in general be a pain. So kind of serious players.

Not much really I know but its what i got. Id like to do an xbox live party as well so we dont need to hear the other team or whatever. If you want to just ask and ill reply.

Add element of pain

GT: paradlse (that’s an “L” between the “d” and the “s”)

gt: Darksim007

add XxD3monxX also have the a40s and play a lot during the week after work

GT: DaffierPuppet9. I’m 16 and rather mature, I don’t betray teammates and I would use the mic if: a) other people talked back and b) I had a better mic. But still, for a standard Xbox mic, it’s not bad.

GT: Rubba Handz