Looking for some people to play matchmaking with

Hi there,

Let me start off with saying that I’m looking for people who feel/are mature, but also like to have a good time together.

I am eXalti0n but you can call me Eddy, and I am 16 years young.
I live in the Netherlands( my english isn’t bad at all, I’m just not used to talking english), and I’m looking for people to play Halo 3 or Halo : Reach matchmaking with. reach in particular because I always get matched up with the worst players ever when not searching with a team.

My stats, if you’re interested.

KD/R : 1.55

Competitive Weapon stats

Playlist stats

Map stats

TU Neutral Bomb Overkill Extermination

Zealot Overkill Extermination in the very first 12 seconds of the game

Playlists I like :

  • Rumble pit
  • Super slayer
  • team objective
  • Swat
  • Team Snipers (excluding hemorrhage games)
  • Living dead
  • Major League Gaming
  • multi team
  • Grifball (every once in a while)
  • Action Sack
  • Anniversary Classic, squad and FFA.
  • Invasion (every once in a while)
  • Arena (but I never play it anymore because I have to play solo and it’s based on winning)

More about me :

I am a player who likes to take games seriously, but sometimes I like to mess around too.
I’m also a forger, with some (un)finished maps which are never player (Sadface), so if you’re interested we could playtest your creations, too.(Currently working on this map)
I am a player who enjoys sniping at any range, and I don’t mind (spawn)killing when winning an objective game instead of finishing the game already.

I also like to play other games sometimes, and sometimes I will not join parties because I’m at my friend’s. I’m also not online 24/7 because I’m a busy guy because I spend a lot of time on school and spending time with my girlfriend(I’m not trying to brag about having one, because that’s just stupid).

Nobody interested? or any questions?

go check out ruinsclan.com im sure youll find something you like there

> go check out ruinsclan.com im sure youll find something you like there

I am not really looking for clans, because clan staff always starts saying that I have to play at a certain time. I want to join games whenever I want to and whenever I have the time to.

also, you probably didn’t read my post and just advertised your clan website.

Hey there, I’ve been looking for a few players to get together with as well recently; a lot of my friends that used to play have moved on and matchmaking randoms usually end up doing more harm the good…so I feel like we’re in the same boat in that respect. I like to play mostly seriously, as in “control the map and focus on winning but I don’t mind striking up a conversation about life while stomping randoms every now and again”. I play to have fun but also to win (and I hate Hemorrhage snipers with a passion as well, small world!). I’m 17 and on the east coast of the US, send me a FR if you’re interested: That Scorch Guy

And stat-wise, I’m a 1.4 with a decent positive W/L, but if you look at stats by playlist you’ll see I started off a lot worse than 1.4, and recently I’ve been getting it higher and higher. I play mostly Super Slayer, Snipers, BTB and Anniversary now and again, and a few others so long as they aren’t Vanilla (With a few exceptions, like some small Invasion and Action Sack games). I’m also a forger on the side and I held a position on the Map Review Loyal list for some time on Forgehub.com, so I’d gladly lend a hand to forging efforts.

Here’s the stat link on Bnet if you want:

Lemme know if you’re interested!