Looking for some people to do Endure Vidmaster :)

Sooo…i’m sure there are plenty out there who , like me, still need this Achievement. Looking for some people with reliable internet connections to give it a shot :slight_smile:

Post here or send me a private message, thnx peeps.


Endure is so time consuming. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that one again unless I had to. Good luck finding some people. Try posting this in here also to find a player (It’s the I Need a Teammate thread).

thnx man, honestly i really enjoy ODST firefight.

i need to do this also. im down. gt is SocksWthSandals.

nice. Friend request pending. Hopefully we can get a few more.

i think i can maybe get 1. but he hated doing it for how long it took. i can do it tomorrow if thats good. tonight is a bit busy

i have a few guys who wanna do it. Problem will be connection. We need to find 4 people who dont lag so bad that its actually doable.

I need the achievement too, but no one will help me. and my connection is pretty good, the only bad thing is that my mic is broken.

If you folks need help with Endure, then check out Spartan1Project over on Bnet. They have a whole team just dedicated to helping people get that cheevo. One guy (Oviate) has over 200 successful Endure runs.

Will add you Holoe. And thnx for the info gonna check that out now.


I’m up for it. Last time I tried it, the crap host kicked me at the 3rd Set. :confused:

Sending friend request

Ktan…whats your Gamertag? and Holoe i’m assuming your username is your GT?


> Ktan…whats your Gamertag? and Holoe i’m assuming your username is your GT?

Ktan Dantaktee. I got it changed right after I joined, and I have no clue if you can get it updated.