Looking for some people for matchmaking.

I need to build up this friends list with some talented players. Hit me up.
Gt: Neptunez Danger

feel feel to add me or join the group if youre in the US

Feel free to shoot me a friend request. Im still playing through the campaign but its always good to have people to jump into multiplayer with.

Also, if you are interested, im getting a little group together called The Night Shift. Its built around the idea of helping full time workers/parents find people who are trying to make the short time people have to play and awesome time. So again, hit me up if you are interested, or just shoot me a friend request, either one works fine to me.

Shoot me an add - Shadyzunit .
I have a mic and currently in the champions league for SWAT game type. I also have a mic - need some good people too so looking forward to playing with you